ISO Activities

Environmental Conservation Activities

We have obtained certification for ISO 14001:2015 "Environmental Management System" and dedicated ourselves, as one body, to environmental protection.

Based on our basic philosophy that "environmental protection is the first priority of our management and we should contribute to the society by reducing impacts on the environment in every business activity and developing environment-friendly technologies and products," we focus on the following themes.

(1) To promote energy saving and recycling

- Saving electricity, cutting fluids, etc. using production equipment that works efficiently.
- Saving energy by changing machines and plants with power-saving ones.
- Save energy by reducing the power consumed by lighting, air conditioners, electric appliances, etc.

(2) To reduce wastes

- Reduce general and industrial wastes by raising the rate of recycling.
- Change necessary fixtures and devices to recyclable ones.

Approaches to quality assurance

All departments except worker dispatching service and overseas salesoperations. have received ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System certification, an internationally recognized standard in quality systems.
Additionally, our departments involved in production of aerospace products and those handling manufacturing of automobile parts have established and maintain quality systems based on customer requirements from JISQ9100 Quality Management Systems -- Requirements for Aerospace and Defense Areas and IATF16949 Automotive Quality Management System Standard.
Quality management systems are essential in ensuring consistent product quality and improving customer satisfaction.
Our management philosophy also focuses on providing high quality products, consistently earning the respect and satisfaction of our customers while contributing to stable growth and the wider society.

(1) To guarantee product quality

We give positive guidance to all members regarding the "improvement of technical manufacturing abilities" and "necessity of enhancing the understanding and compliance for thorough application and management of each process required by the quality system."

(2) To improve the customers' satisfaction

In order to ensure smooth communication with our customers, we are ready to provide information on products, answer inquiries, conclude contracts and respond to orders, complaints and claims from our customers to their satisfaction.