Core Business

The products manufactured by Manufacturing Department 3 are used for the following applications, for example.

Features of Production Manufacturing Department 3


Design and production of spiral springs


We are proud of the first-class quality and production output in Japan and our spiral springs are used for automotive seat recliners and adjusters of 30% or more Japan-made automobiles, winning the confidence of our customers and a good reputation. In addition, we have patented several products and manufacturing processes and proved the more excellent technical abilities than any competitors. In recent years, our products have been adopted for daily use in housing facilities (pull-down shelves) and receiving an increasing number of orders year by year.

Main Applications

- Inversion of automotive rear seats
- Adjustment of automotive rear seat inverting speed
- Adjustment of automotive window regulator operating force
- Reduction of rear foldable seat lift-up and operating loads
- Reduction of pull-down shelf operating loads
- Inversion of seatbacks for luxury seats
- Locking mechanisms, etc. for other mechanical systems

Main Equipment

Design Department Units
NC winder for rolled hard steel wire springs 9
Winder for compact rolled hard steel wire springs 7
Spring Forming Center 1
Design Department Units
Torque meter 2
Durability tester 4
Imaging measuring machine 2
Hardness tester 1